Monday, July 25, 2011

Electric Callas - So Chic (1979)

Band: Electric Callas
Title: So Chic
Format: EP
Year: 1979
Label: EMI

01. So Chic
02. Now You Can Die Quietly
03. W.S.B.


pass: oldschoolfrenchpunkrock


  1. Hello there; great blog, plenty of memories, many thanks for this true labor of love. Now, sorry to pester you about the one missing link, but could you re-up the Electric Callas link ? It's dead and I would love to hear again this one. Anyway, thanks.

  2. you have a brilliant post here not one entry that didn't get me downloading or running back to my collection to listen again. This one link is down, if you ver re up it this will be a pleasure, if not, thanks again for all the others.